Nocera Umbra: Transformative Arts Certification Program

12 giugno 2017 presso Arte Spirito a Nocera Umbra.


TRANSFORMATIVE ARTS Certificate Program this summer in ITALY!

JUNE 12 – SEPTEMBER 5 2017

3 months of extraordinary courses that open your heart,expand your mind and nourish your soul. Come for the whole 3 month program, or attend some of the life changing courses in ART, CREATIVITY & CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Transformative Arts Certificate Program is a 3 month training* offered through AWAKENING ARTS ACADEMY held at our Assisi Italy center.

WE USE ALL FORMS OF ART and the magic of creative process to TRANSFORM CULTURE and CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness is in the heart of Umbria, near Assisi Italy – home of St. Francis and International City of Peace. Our spacious light filled studio and gallery offers panoramic views and is across the street from Ananda- one of Europes top yoga and meditation centers.

Our pioneering program cultivates the unique capacity of the Arts to heal, awaken and uplift consciousness. Through decades of pioneering work we have we have developed simple, yet profound methods for expanding consciousness by activating the genius of flowing creative inspiration.

We use all modalities of the arts; painting, clay, collage, dance, theater, music, poetry, film, etc. as tools for transformation. Activating the ‘right brain’ through movement and imagination we awaken dormant ‘whole brain’ capacities of higher intelligence and intuition.

Level ONE Certification provides support for your own in depth journey of self discovery, self expression and healing. A series of courses culminate in a personalized project and practicum. This level is open to all who seek personal healing, inner transformation and spiritual growth.

Level One is a foundation for level two- a training that prepares practitioners who are confident to teach and facilitate the Transformative Arts Process, as well as to apply it within various professions such as teaching, coaching and counseling, healing, ministry, social services, human resources, vision development and entrepreneurship.

In addition to coursework, Transformative Arts candidates are mentored in a small group studio environment, receiving personal attention and guidance as they develop inner resources and experience.

During the summer of 2017 (June 12- September 5) you have the opportunity to complete all of Level ONE and most of Level TWO. Level TWO can be completed in 2017 with further coursework in September + additonal mentoring

Please see:

For more information please write Academy Director
Dana Lynne Andersen

* (please note FB events does not allow listings over a few weeks. The beginning date of this program is June 12 2017, the ending date for level one is September 5, the ending date of coursework for Level two is September 30th)

Indirizzo: Via Montecchio, 61, Nocera Umbra
Transformative Arts Certification Program

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